Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love Valentines. For years I've wanted to buy those darling mail envelopes that seem to never go on sale and sale out every year from Pottery Barn Kids. Let's face it, $20 x 3 kids is a little out my budget right now for home decor. So when I saw this darling idea from the crafting chicks, I was sold! The instructions are with the link and she is much more detail oriented than me. Three things I learned. Scalloped scissors do not cut felt well, so I used large white ric rac which I think I like more. Second, use 6 strands of embroidery floss on the stitching, it looks better. I did three at first, and didn't like it as well. Third, don't cut the ric rac, just twist it and keep it one long strand. I still have to stitch mine and the hubs, but the kids LOVE them, and they turned out great for about $3.00 a piece.

I also competed this darling wreath...instructions here (cost=$6.00)

and this tile (cost=$4.50)...instructions here

Thank you crafty minds for making these adorable crafts so easy and fun to do!

Getting Organized

School papers are my nemesis. Ever since my last child was born (almost 6 years ago) I've been in a bit of a scrapbooking/keepsake slump. I've had a box full of school papers, certificates, piano recitals, ballet recitals, ect, ect...that is overflowing and quite frankly one big mess. I've dreaded going through the papers because what do I do with them. I came across this brilliant system on pintrest and Voila! I am now organized. Everyone has a folder until 12th grade, and every one's papers are backlogged and organized to pre-K. Thank you, iheartorganzing! They may never get into a scrapbook, but my guilt is gone and the filing system is a piece of cake!  This is why I love pintrest. Crafty chicks who are way smarter than me come up with brilliant ideas and create them, so I  don't have to reinvent the wheel!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Craft

Here's the fun decor I was talking about. This wreath...yep, it's last years clearance bulbs on a wire hanger. The instructions are here. I started taking off the metal clip hangers and glueing them, but found that it was a mess and was making it worse, so I just slid them on. So far none have fallen off. *fingerscrossed*  It may depend on the type of bulb. Mine were cheap and plastic. Taking them off and gluing them seemed to make them break. Yep, I even spray painted the garland. I'm thinking given enough spray paint, I could do some serious damage. :)

I also love the glitterized "B" on the minature tree I bought at Target last year. I put it in one of my planters because I couldn't find a container I loved for it.

I added some left over bulbs to my star for my front door.

Throw in all the fun Christmas printables. This one is my favorite.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Upcycling with Glitter!

I must share some of my newest projects! On the way home from a 5K last week, we happened by a garage sale, this happy combination of events doesn't happen much (garage sale in the neighborhood+kids with me+ early Saturday morning=we stopped). I found a couple great frames with awesome potential, one brand new and some baskets all for about $4. I brought everything home and prepared to go to work.

One of the items I bought a brand new gold 14X18 frame with a gold mat to 11X14 that screamed circa 1995. I had just done a $1.99 11X14 print at Walgreens, so I knew I could use it, but how to make it work....

One night as I was browsing the aisles of Hobby Lobby, I came across a lovely assortment of glitter, which set my mind working. I could turn the mat over and glitterize the backside, paint the frame and viola!

I came up with this!

I LOVE it! It looks awesome in my daughters bedroom. I just spray painted the frame white (it was gold), flipped the mat over, and modge podged it. Then I spread the glitter around and pressed down firmly. When it was all covered, I sprayed it with a clear overcoat to keep it in place. SO easy.

Remember my little one's cute paper with her fall words on it. Yup, I upcycled this 25 cent frame, found this pumpkin color of spray paint on clearance at Hobby Lobby (I am loving the color!) and mounted on a fall piece of scrapbook paper. I think it's adorable.

Here's a basket I found at the garage sale, I painted it that lovely pumpkin color, added a ribbon and a tag, and now it holds my Thanksgiving books.

Here's some fun frames I've been collecting over the year ($1.25 @Target). I love printables. Free and they are so fun.

We are officially ready for Thanksgiving! Bring on the Gratitude!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


No, I'm not skipping Thanksgiving, which is one of my all time favorite holidays. However, we did pull out our haul from the 75% sale at Target. I am so excited. It's a total change of my usual decor. It's bright! Turquiose, hot pink, red, and lime green, I can't wait. I want to make one of these from the multipack of ornaments I bought last year.

I've been in a decorating slump and it feels good to have some new ideas!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dental Pumpkin

This one loves contests. Mostly because she wins. Alot. She decided to enter the pumpkin carving contest at her orthodontist office.Contest ends tomorrow, but didn't this turn out great!?

P.S. We've got her convinced she wants to be an orthodontist when she grows up. She's a smartie.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Craft Blog

These girls are getting some serious craft on. This is my sister's good friend.
Check it out.